On these pages you can find a collection of (lightly edited) quotes describing various experiences from a first-hand perspective. For example: how to non-asexuals describe the sexual attraction they feel? The intent here is to supplement and flesh-out the more 'high level' or 'theoretical' tone that the rest of this website typically uses, because sometimes the best way to understand something is to go back to the source.

The experiences covered include sexual attraction, romantic love, coming out, and many other topics related to the a-spectra. The hope with these quotes is that you'll find either find something that speaks to you, something that makes you go "that's not me at all", or something that helps you understand where other people might be coming from. However, as with anything the experience of these things varies from person to person, so these quotes should not be taken to be definitive or overly representative. If you find that a perspective is missing or under-represented, just let us know as we'll see what we can do.

I'm always looking for more quotes to put in this section so if you want to add your voice, please fill out a feedback / comment form here.



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