Am I too young to identify as asexual?

You can never be too young to be thinking about your sexuality and your place in society. Unfortunately, if you are young there are two difficulties in navigating asexuality.

  1. Most people only develop a sexuality a certain age and you might just be a 'late bloomer'.
  2. If you are asexual, holding on to the idea that you will eventually 'grow out of it' is not healthy or authentic.

The fundamental problem is that it's often very difficult for any asexual to be sure what their sexuality is. Unlike other orientations, there's often no 'lightbulb' moment that makes things clear. Because of this, it's best to work on being comfortable with your own experience as it is right now, and try not to worry too much about other people or what might happen in the future. You can go with whatever label fits you best while recognising that (especially for young people) sexuality can change.

What you feel (or don't feel) is valid and real no matter what it is. A feeling cannot be right or wrong, it just is. Regardless of whether it will change in the future, your feelings might reasonably be labelled as 'asexual' right now. As long as you're open to any changes that might happen in the future, there is no harm in using that label.

Allosexuals typically experience their first sexual attraction in the age range 12–20.

As a final note, try not to worry what your peers say surrounding the topic of sex and sexuality. If you're young, then so are they: don't assume they have any idea what they're talking about.

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